Georgette Klinger was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia in 1915. By 1936, she had been crowned Miss Budapest. As part of her prize, she was given an expensive set of
cosmetics that eventually gave her a terrible and chronic outbreak of acne.

That outbreak of acne sparked a skin care revolution. Traveling throughout Europe in search of a solution for her severe acne, Georgette learned everything she could about the skin and how to treat its various types and conditions. In addition to finding solutions for her acne, she also developed a passion for helping others with their skin. From then on, she dedicated herself to developing products and services that would do more than mask problem areas and worked exhaustively in pursuit of real results.

Armed with her new knowledge and serious dedication to beautiful skin, she opened her first skincare salon in 1938 in Czechoslovakia at the age of 23. Forced to flee Europe and the Nazi regime, she emigrated to New York City, where she opened her Madison Avenue spa in 1941. In time, she expanded and opened 12 spas throughout the country and gained a nationwide following.

Her groundbreaking approach to skincare radically transformed the way women and men treat their skin and altered how we view beauty itself. Her ideas, revolutionary for their time, have now become the basis for all modern skincare as we know it. Recognized as a pioneer and innovator of modern day skin treatment, Georgette not only introduced European skincare to the United States, she was also the first in the country to take a comprehensive approach to proper care of the skin, considering the effects of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and sun protection, long before any other cosmetic or skincare brand.

Once used as a surface for makeup, Georgette saw the skin as more. She treated the complexion as a living organ to be nurtured with proper care, nutrition, and excellent health. Her holistic, natural, and science-based approach to skincare was unheard of in the early 1940s when she opened her first stateside spa in New York City.

At first, she was criticized for her radical approach to caring for the complexion, but her results were undeniable. She was eventually recognized by the New York Times as the 'Dean of Skin Care.' Her clients –from top celebrities and politicians to socialites from Manhattan and Beverly Hills – considered her a miracle worker once they saw the results: clear, acne-free skin and long-term anti-aging solutions.

Georgette Klinger's work, spanning over 60 years, saved more people from the scourge of acne and the effects of aging than any other skincare expert in her class. Caring more for the principles she stood for than building an empire, her focus was always on helping people achieve the most beautiful complexion possible. In fact, she was known for randomly stopping strangers on the street to advise them on how to treat their skin. She often would say "I haven't seen a skin I couldn't clear up.

Today, we continue Georgette's legacy by getting you the results you're after, not with fads or empty promises. There are no quick fixes, just real, long-term, and highly effective solutions.