Since the time of Ancient Greece, the bark of the White Willow tree has been sought out for its remarkable therapeutic benefits. Its properties are so effective that in 400 BC, the Greek physician Hippocrates — who is often called “The Father of Medicine” — regularly administered it to his patients to successfully reduce pain and inflammation.

White Willow Extract, a watery liquid drawn from the inner bark of the tree, is exceptionally beneficial when used in skincare. Most significantly, it contains high levels of Salicin, from which both Salicylic Acid and aspirin are derived. Salicin is a natural exfoliant that gently breaks apart and sloughs off dead skin cells. This exfoliating action reveals fresh skin and unclogs pores, helping to fight acne and achieve a more radiant complexion. The extract is also rich in tannins, whose astringent properties help control excess oil, tighten skin, and diminish the appearance of pores. As an added benefit, it contains various flavonoids and phenolic acids that reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation, along with protecting the skin against the daily environmental damage which contributes to premature lines and wrinkles. 

All skin types will benefit from using White Willow Extract. Oily and acne-prone skin will see a reduction in breakouts and greasiness, while dry and mature complexions will see improvements in their skin tone, texture, and clarity. Although it’s an exfoliant, White Willow is gentle enough for many sensitive skin types, who will enjoy its calming, balancing effects on their complexion. 

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