Nestled within the Hengillinn mountains, the Icelandic Vatnsskarð pass is the source of a unique skincare ingredient — Volcanic Sand. The black, shimmering sand is gathered from particularly rich lava flows erupting over many thousands of years along this highly active tectonic plate boundary. 

Volcanic sand is composed of tiny grains of basalt, which is a dark volcanic rock formed from hardened lava. Its fine, gritty texture makes it excellent for sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal fresh new skin below. Unlike other exfoliators, however, this sand is extraordinarily rich in minerals from its origins beneath the Earth’s crust. Minerals are critical to the proper function of the skin, playing a key role in the action of enzymes, proteins, nutrients, and amino acids that keep your skin healthy. 

The silica and manganese found in volcanic sand help promote collagen production, improve elasticity, and boost skin’s strength and resilience against damage. Calcium helps stimulate the growth of healthy new skin cells and aids absorption of Vitamin C. Volcanic sand also contains magnesium, which is commonly used in Epsom salts and helps to restore moisture levels, reduce inflammation, and regulate skin’s metabolic processes.  

Although these minerals are primarily taken in through a nutritious diet, they can also be applied topically to reap their benefits directly. Using volcanic sand in your skincare regimen will improve skin’s texture, tone, and vitality, helping your complexion look and feel more healthy, balanced, and beautiful. 

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