With its silvery needle-like leaves and aromatic herbal fragrance, Rosemary is the quintessential botanical plant. Its name, derived from the Latin words “ros” and “marinus” (“dew of the sea”), points to its ancient Mediterranean origins. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, and Egyptians famously used Rosemary as an ingredient in rituals and traditional medicine. It was believed to keep away harmful spirits and protect against plague and infection, and for good reason — modern science shows that this herb contains phytochemicals known to have purifying and protective properties. It's antioxidant constituents include carnosic acid, carnosol, and rosemarinic acid, along with other bioactive compounds such as cafaic acid, camphor, apigen, and amino acids.

Produced through steam distillation, Rosemary Extract has a wide range of benefits in skincare. As an antiseptic, it helps kill harmful bacteria and improves skin’s ability to repair itself. Its astringent properties tighten and strengthen the skin while calming redness. Like most plant extracts, the oil has a conditioning effect on the complexion that softens and smooths skin’s texture. The antioxidant action of Rosemary Extract helps protect the complexion from signs of premature aging caused by environmental damage to the skin. No matter your skin type, this herbal essence is an all-around fortifying ingredient for a healthier, stronger, and more resilient complexion. 

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