Orchid blossoms are famed for their exotic, delicate beauty. Although they can be found growing throughout the world, they’re most commonly cultivated in the warm, humid climates of tropical Asia and South America. The essence of this elegant flower has long played a starring role in many Asian beauty rituals. 

Rich in moisturizing compounds, Orchid Extract has humectant properties that draw water into the skin to plump, firm, and hydrate the complexion. Anthocyanins, a class of flavonoids, deliver antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that help defend skin against stress that causes daily wear and long-term aging of the complexion. Notably, this botanical extract contains a high level of Vitamin C, which is responsible for its powerful brightening effect on the skin. Studies have shown that topical application of Orchid Extract leads to improved appearance of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Results also showed an increase in overall luminosity and clarity of the complexion.

Orchid is an exceptionally beneficial ingredient for reviving the look and feel of dull, discolored, or lifeless skin. Dry and aging complexions, which are particularly vulnerable to loss of moisture and diminished vitality, can add Orchid Extract to their daily regimen for a rejuvenating infusion of moisture that will restore skin’s beautiful, healthy radiance.

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