Also called the “billygoat plum” or “green plum”, the Kakadu Plum is so nutritious that it is widely considered to be a superfood. A tiny pear-shaped fruit typically no larger than an almond, it is harvested in the spring from a small tree that grows wild across much of Australia. The Kakadu Plum is edible, although the Aboriginal tribes indigenous to Australia place more value on the fruit as a medicine, rather than as sustenance. Often applied as a poultice, it has traditionally been used to help heal wounds and skin disorders. 

What makes the Kakadu Plum so unique is it’s tremendous levels of Vitamin C — it contains a 50 times higher concentration than the average orange, ranking it as the richest source of Vitamin C found in any natural source anywhere else in the world. A powerful antioxidant, this vitamin helps to protect skin against UV rays and other environmental damage that can contribute to common signs of aging such as discoloration, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

The Kakadu’s age-preventing properties are boosted even further with Gallic Acid and Egallic Acid, which restore elasticity and strengthen skin’s natural barrier. Altogether, this nourishing fruit will deliver a youth-infusing dose of nutrients to your complexion to help reveal your most radiant, resilient skin. 

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