The essence of the flowering Jasmine plant is sought throughout the world for its beautifully redolent fragrance. Typically blossoming only at night, the white, star-shaped flowers are usually picked by hand before sunrise, when they secrete the greatest amount of their precious oil. Traditionally, the extract has been produced from gentle enfleurage or solvent extraction in order to preserve the full benefits. 

Like many aromatic plant oils, Jasmine Extract has a complex chemical makeup of phytonutrients. Many of its constituents — including benzoic acid, benzyl benzoate, and benzaldehyde — have been shown to have antiseptic properties that can help kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. On the skin, these qualities help fight infection, promote faster healing, and reduce inflammation caused by the body’s immune response. As an emollient oil, it also helps soften and condition the skin, which helps prevent fine lines and rough, dry patches. Similarly, it has been known to protect skin against oxidative stress that leads to decreased elasticity and plumpness. 

Although Jasmine blossoms are delicate, their oil is ideal for warding off environmental wear and tear. By defending against germs, dryness, inflammation, and free radicals, it helps to soothe the skin for a calm, resilient, and rejuvenated complexion.

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