Help protect and rejuvenate your complexion with this powerhouse skin care ingredient. At the heart of Grape Extract’s power is a high concentration of flavonoids, a type of pigment in plants that helps to shield them from the elements, including UV radiation and destructive oxidation. By delivering antioxidant power, Grape Extract helps your skin avoid the processes that cause premature aging.

To further fight aging, Grape Extract also works as an Alpha Hydroxy Acid when applied to your skin. This helps to naturally enhance your ability to shed old skin cells and produce new, healthy cells. Excellent exfoliation has the additional benefit of helping supporting the skin’s collagen and elastin, necessary for youthful-looking skin.

Resveratrol is also abundant in grapes. (This is the chemical compound that makes red wine so healthy.) Grapes produce resveratrol to defend against bacteria, fungus, and other infections agents. When used on the skin, this chemical compound works to safeguard and repair your complexion in the same way.

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