The small, sunny blossoms of the Evening Primrose have a cheerfully simple beauty that grows wild in the arid climates of Central America and southern United States. Originally cultivated in Mexico, it was commonly used for poultices in Native American medicine to soothe and heal skin conditions, bruises, and minor injuries. 

Evening Primrose Oil is produced from the plant’s oily seeds. Packed with healthy fats, amino acids, Vitamin E, and other nourishing phytochemicals, it delivers a rich infusion of nutrients that soothe and restore the skin. Most importantly, it contains a high concentration of Omega-6 fatty acids, including Gamma linoleic acid (GLA). As an anti-inflammatory, GLA can help treat redness, swelling, and irritation by regulating the production of cytokines that cause skin to become inflamed. Evidence shows that Evening Primrose might be even beneficial for dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. 

Evening Primrose oil’s lightweight emollient properties help keep skin soft and supple without clogging pores. Combined with its soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities, this makes Evening Primrose exceptionally good for moisturizing and calming acne-prone skin. Used on dry and distressed complexions, it can help fortify the natural barrier that keeps skin strong, healthy, and hydrated. 

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