Native to southern Italy, France, the Ivory Coast, and Morocco, the yellow Bergamot Orange is revered for its incredibly aromatic qualities. The fruit’s extract imparts a bright, spicy citrus note to confections, perfumes, and Earl Grey tea. Its highly complex natural chemistry can deliver exceptional health benefits, as well, and it has long been used in traditional Italian and French folk medicine. 

When applied topically, Bergamot Oil has powerful renewing properties. To produce the essence, the peel is cold-pressed until the fragrant oil within is extracted. The organic compounds found in the rind, including terpenes and phytochemicals which naturally maintain and preserve the fruit, are also highly beneficial to the skin. 

Bergamot is particularly helpful in treating acne-prone complexions. As an antiseptic, it fights the harmful bacteria that grow deep in the pores. For further protection, it defends against germs and impurities by promoting tissue repair and strengthening skin’s protective barrier. Bergamot’s anti-inflammatory qualities help to calm irritation, minimize redness, and diminish the appearance of blemishes. For oily skin types, it helps regulate sebum production, reducing grease levels throughout the day and preventing breakouts. Used in a regular skincare regimen, Bergamot Oil balances the skin for a clean, clear, and healthy complexion.

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