You don’t want to use anything too harsh when you exfoliate your skin. Many natural scrubs are uneven and unpredictable in texture. They often contain granules that can cause microscopic tears in your skin, leaving it vulnerable to infections (acne) and causing redness and irritation.

When used as an exfoliant, Bamboo is finely ground into a gentle powder that is rich in gently-exfoliating silica. This natural ingredient is an excellent alternative to man-made microbeads, which are a major cause of cosmetics-related environmental pollution. Bamboo is also a plant that grows rather quickly and is considered a sustainable and renewable resource.

Originating in Asia, the leaves and stem of the Bamboo plant have been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for healing and treating infections for thousands of years. As the largest plant in the grass family, it has been useful for many purposes throughout history- and continues to grow in use throughout the world.

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