Inside the velvety skin and fragrant golden flesh of the apricot lies a single seed that contains a silky, lightweight oil that is deeply restorative to the skin. Grown in the Mediterranean and Asia for over 4,000 years, the ripe fruits are harvested in the summer and their kernels are pressed to release the nourishing extract. 

Known for its non-greasy texture, Apricot Kernel Oil absorbs quickly into the skin to provide lasting, balanced hydration. Rich in essential fatty acids, it has dual conditioning properties — emollient Oleic Acid lubricates and softens while occlusive Linoleic Acid seals in moisture, leaving skin softer and plumper. 

Apricot Oil is packed with antioxidants that protect against and repair premature signs of aging caused by UV rays and other environmental damage. Healing Vitamin A helps improve the texture of rough, dry skin while soothing redness, sensitivity, and irritation. Vitamin E calms inflammation and enhances cell turnover, boosting elasticity while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Exceptionally rejuvenating, Vitamin C promotes firming collagen production and brings fresh radiance to dull skin.

No matter your skin type, Apricot Oil permeates deep to deliver nutrients that moisturize, soothe, and fortify your complexion to reveal softer, younger-looking skin. 

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