One of the very earliest forms of complex life on Earth, marine algae is a resilient organism whose origins date back over millions of years. In all of that time, it has continuously adapted and flourished on the ocean’s surface by evolving unique natural properties that cannot be found in any other living plant or animal. With over 20,000 different known species, it is a commonly used ingredient in food, beauty, and traditional medicine, especially in coastal Asian countries. 
Research shows that some of the most beneficial bioactive compounds found in algae are phlorotannins, tyrosinase inhibitors, and polysaccharides. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, these natural chemicals have been shown to prevent pigmentation, soothe irritation, and fight the skin damage caused by photoaging. Algae contains a range of other important nutrients, including marine minerals, amino acids, vitamins, carotenoids, and essential fatty acids.

Algae Extract is highly effective for improving the health, appearance, and texture of every skin type. Mature and young skin alike will reap the rewards of its protective anti-aging benefits, which preserve the collagen production essential to a firm, toned complexion. Sensitive skin will benefit from Algae Extract’s gently soothing effect on red, irritated areas. Dry and combination skin, which craves moisture, will instantly drink in the hydration this sea extract delivers to the complexion. All types will discover the brighter, rejuvenated appearance that comes from truly nourished skin.

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