Grapefruit Cleansing Gel

Grapefruit Cleansing Gel

Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub

Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub

Phytic Exfoliating Toner

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Combination, Dry, Oily
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  • Dissolves impurities and buildup in pores
  • Fights visible signs of aging
  • Repairs UV damage
  • Brightens and evens skin tone
  • Calms, protects, and rejuvenates
  • Noticeably softer, smoother skin

Diminish dark spots and hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and gain younger, healthier-looking skin with our Phytic Exfoliating Toner. Phytic Acid is a gentle botanical exfoliant that directly affects the melanin production in your skin, obstructing the process that causes and worsens skin discoloration. Sun damage, age spots, and acne marks don’t stand a chance against this daily antioxidant-rich exfoliating toner, which includes Orange and Lemon Peel Extracts to boost active cellular turnover for skin that’s always radiant – never dull or congested. Formulated with Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, and Green Tea to keep skin calm and protected. 

  • Made In USA

  • Cruelty Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Dye Free


Twice daily, after cleansing, soak a cotton ball or pad with toner and gently apply to your face, neck, and chest, avoiding your eye area. Repeat as necessary until your cotton comes up clean. Follow with your hydrating cream of choice.