In 1941, Georgette Klinger brought the best of European skincare to Madison Avenue, attracting a vast, devoted, and influential following. Now, we’re celebrating 75 years of innovation and natural beauty. Let's take a look at how we got here.

About Year 1915

Georgette Klinger is born in Brno, Czechoslovakia. After winning a beauty pageant as a young woman, she notices that her prize—a gift of cosmetics—irritates her skin. Georgette, ever the entrepreneur, begins to experiment with her own cures.

About Year 1938

After training with dermatologists and cosmeticians in Zurich, Budapest, and Vienna, Georgette opens her first salon in Czechoslovakia. A year later, however, she closes it and flees the country—as Germany invades.

About Year 1941

Having moved to New York City, Georgette opens her first spa on Madison Avenue. At first, all Georgette Klinger products were made in her home kitchen, and the brand gains traction quickly—a spa visit to her Madison Avenue location soon becomes a quintessential New York experience for generations.

About Year 1969

The Georgette Klinger brand expands its reach, opening its first salon in Beverly Hills. Many Hollywood starlets take a flight from Los Angeles to New York for Georgette Klinger's unique treatments, so the Beverly Hills salon is a welcome addition to the city.

About Year 1972

Responding to a high demand for men’s skin care, the Madison Avenue skin care salon debuts the first of its kind, ground-breaking 'Klinger for Men'-- an entire floor dedicated entirely to the particular needs of men’s skin. Regular visitors include a who's who of athletes and celebrities as well as everyday men in search of real solutions for their skin care problems.

About Year 1982

After opening a string of new salons, Georgette develops a laboratory and factory, expanding her line and bringing her products to countless new faithful users.

About Year 2004

Georgette passes away, leaving behind a rich legacy that spawns countless imitators and a loyal, devoted following. Today, armed with her formulas and common-sense approach to beautiful skin, we follow in our matriarch’s footsteps, offering the very best in natural, results-oriented skin care solutions for acne, anti-aging, and everything in between.


Georgette was, it would seem, the first to realize this simple truth: that clean, healthy skin, treated with non-abrasive, natural products, is at the heart of a glowing complexion. Skin, she believed, is a living organ to be nurtured—not a surface to be covered. We still believe this today.